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Dr. Stew Bittman has traveled a long road in his 26 years in chiropractic. He began as valedictorian at LACC, with a 4.0 and perfect 800’s on his National Boards, and promptly struggled mightily in practice for years. He discovered the chiropractic principle, began a journey of transformation, and now for the past 14 years has been a high volume, principled practitioner with a box on the wall. He has also become one of the most passionate and inspiring speakers in the profession, sharing at Parker Seminars, Sigafoose Gatherings, philosophy meetings and chiropractic colleges around the world (including England, France and Spain), as well as at his own seminars and workshops.
A huge step on his path was participating in 6 chiropractic missions in Central America, especially the first 4 missions to Panama. There he experienced the power of the adjustment when delivered straight from the heart, with no words, no thought, and no strings attached to the gift. Those experiences became the beacon for his life.
Dr. Stew has authored 2 books: "On the Path", and the recently published "Between Heaven and a Hard Place". He writes, speaks, and mostly lives the principle, in every area of his life, finding the balance between his head and his heart. His humorous and powerful message has inspired thousands of individuals and families to embrace their gifts, pursue their dreams and find the peace and wholeness that already reside within.

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