The Ultimate Energy Healing Experience

Get ready for the Artful ConventionA fully immersive, transformational weekend for intuitives, healers, energy workers, yogis, creatives, and visionaries

Connect with the collective consciousness to inspire the artist within
When: January 12 – 14, 2018
Where: Life Chiropractic College West

During this transformational weekend you will learn from the best in the business on the following topics…

Guided Imagery
Abundance Mindset
Healthy Energetic Boundaries
Vibrational Medicine
Developing Intuition
Abundance & Prosperity
Energy Healing for Beginners
Help for Depression & Anxiety
Getting into alignment
Medical Intuitive Education
The Science behind Energy Work
Chakras & Meridians
Sacred Geometry and the Tree of Life
Intuitive Art & Dance
Power of Music
Strengthening Your Intuition
Uncovering and Embracing Your mission
Learning to integrate sacred downloads
Sound Therapy
Protection for Empaths
Energy Healing Modalities
Spiritual Roots of Health Professions
True Forgiveness

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“The future of this world depends on those who will continue to challenge the status quo.”

– Dr. Brett Jones


The Artful Convention 2018 is designed to serve as a collaborative space of awakening. We have gathered some of the most high vibrational creatives, healers, and light bringers of this world to offer a truly unique transformative experience.

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Artful Convention

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